Illegal Tobacco keep it out
Illegal Tobacco

Smoking is the UK's leading cause of early death and disease.  Over 80,000 avoidable deaths are caused every year as the result of a smoking-related illness and one in every two long-term users of tobacco will die early.

Illegal tobacco might not sound like such a big deal, but for many people living in the North of England it's a real burning issue.

Far from being a victimless crime, the illegal tobacco trade makes it easier for children to start smoking, takes advantage of cash-strapped families, and helps fund organised crime.

Take a look around this website for more information on the damage illegal tobacco is doing in your area and help us drive it out for good.

If you'd like to share some information and help keep it out, click on the Crimestoppers logo on the left to get in touch - it's free and you won't be asked for your name or contact details.

World first programme
This campaign supports a world first, comprehensive programme to tackle the demand for and the supply of illegal tobacco across communities.  Independent evaluation shows that our campaigns are successful at how the public think and act towards the illegal tobacco trade.  The 'Get Some Answers' campaign is part of broader media and communications activity to help denormalise the use of tobacco.